Triathlon Training in Springfield, IL

summerTime management is always hard when you have 3 different disciplines to train for.  Just about everyday of the week you are doing multiple training sessions.  Fitting in a group training around your schedule is very difficult.  This is why most triathletes train on their own and at their own convenience.  Although, every now and then to avoid becoming a triathlete hermit,  you need some sort of socialization.  If sitting at a local brew pub is not one of them, then fitting one of these local group activities is a great way to meet new people and old friends.  With that said,  I wanted to lay out some of the local training opportunities that SpiTriClub members can participate in.  This is by no means a complete list, but a pretty good start.  If you see some errors or have questions please comment or email us.

Download and print the schedule (PDF)


Swimming….  this is one of the hardest sports, because you physically need to travel to a pool to train.  Springfield has a pretty good assortment of pools for you to train on your own, and with masters.

Springfield Park District Public Pools

You really need to check the schedule for these pools or even call ahead and double check on lap swim time.

  1. Eisenhower Pool
    • (2351 East Cornell Ave, (217) 525-8847)
    • 25-yard indoor pool, Master’s swim: M, W & F @ 7:00 am & 11:00 am, Sunday @ 8:00 am.
    • $4.50 per swim or season pass available
  2. Nelson Center Pool

    • (1601 North 5th (217) 753-2800)
    • Memorial Day to Labor Day – Master Swim M, W & F 6:00 am, Sunday @ 8:00 am
    • 50-meter outdoor pool, $4.50 per swim or season pass
  3. YMCA Kerasotes

    • (4550 W Iles Ave., (217) 679-1625)
    • 25-yard indoor pool, Master’s swim: M, W & F @ 6:00 am
    • Membership required

Private Pools – Memberships Required

  1. YMCA Downtown
  2. YMCA Kerasotes
  3. Fit Club West
  4. Fit Club South


Riding a bike is a little bit harder to do as a group.  And as a triathlete, people have different goals and races planned for the season.  Triathletes training for a sprint triathlon are going to have a complete different approach to training than a Triathlete training for an Ironman.  And even within those specific race goals, you will have different levels of ability.  From just trying to complete a race, to trying to complete and finish in the top 10.   Anytime you go on a group ride you really need to ask yourself if this ride is going to help or hurt you in the long run.  Just because it is your easy day, doesn’t mean the rest of the group is going easy.

  • Tuesday Hilly Ride – Meet at BikeTek parking lot, leave at 5:45pm
  • Tuesday Sprint Night – Meet at BikeTek parking lot, leave at 5:45pm
  • Wednesday – Meet at WheelFast bike shop, leave at 6:10pm
  • Wednesday (6/11, 6/25, etc… every other week) – New City Time Trial, starts at 6pm, start location map
  • Wednesday – Decatur Time Trial, Every Wednesday – 20k & 40k
  • Thursday – Meet at BikeTek parking lot, leave at 5:45pm
  • Weekends – usually a few different rides, email or ask around check this facebook group


Speed work is a must if you what to get faster.  Like the swimming pool, track workouts are conducive to all ability levels.  Fast or slow, everyone can follow the same workout.

  • M, W & F – Lunch run at 12:00 pm starting at YMCA – Downtown (4-6 miles)
  • Tues and Thurs – Lunch run at 12:00 pm starting at YMCA – Downtown (tempo run)
  • Springfield Road Runners Club has several training programs throughout the year


The Springfield area has all kinds of racing opportunities.  Hometown racing gives you the pleasure of sleeping in your own bed the night before a race and it saves on travel expenses. To get a better look at local opportunities please visit the SRRC and TriHarderPromotions.

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